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Here are some frequently asked questions to help you navigate any concerns or questions you may have!


 Does Beacon Pediatrics offer same day appointments?

Yes, we have same day sick appointments available 7 days per week (except for a few holidays).  Please schedule online or call the office to get your child scheduled.


 If my child is sick and our office is closed, should I go to Urgent or the Emergency Room?

It is better for your child to see us so we can provide coordinated comprehensive care. We strongly encourage you to maintain your "Medical Home".  We encourage you to contact us  through our office – select the option for urgent assistance.  The provider on call will be able to determine if your child needs to be seen at Urgent Care.  Usually, these clinics are not staffed with pediatric trained physicians or nurse practitioners; therefore, you may not receive proper treatment for your child.  If you feel that your child is in an emergency situation, please go to the closest emergency room or call 911.


 What do I do if I have a question when the office is closed?

First, check out our “Symptom Checker” – it is a great resource of pediatric information about illnesses, symptoms, medication dosing and more.  If you cannot get your urgent question or concern answered there, then you can reach our providers by calling our office number and selecting the option for urgent assistance.  Routine questions and concerns should be addressed during normal office hours or at any time through the patient portal.


 If a diagnosis is found during a well visit that requires additional management, will additional fees be added?

Your insurance may charge you a copay or co-insurance if there are additional diagnoses or medical conditions that need to be addressed during a well visit. Please contact your insurance company with questions regarding their policies.


 Does Beacon Pediatrics encourage vaccines?

Absolutely.  We follow the childhood vaccine schedule as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and encourage our families to do so as well.  Scientific evidence has established that childhood vaccines are safe and protect children from serious illness.  Children who do not receive immunizations are susceptible to potentially life-threatening illnesses and present a risk to other children they come into contact with and the community at large.  The potential consequences of vaccine preventable diseases include hospitalization, mechanical ventilation, seizures, brain damage and even death.  We have seen the tremendous benefits of childhood vaccinations.  At the same time, we have seen how misinformation about vaccines has put children at risk for illness.  We understand the difficulty parents may have in sorting through the vast quantities of data on vaccine safety, and we are here to help guide you and answer all of your vaccine related questions.


 I’m expecting a baby, can I schedule a visit to meet you?

Yes.  Choosing a pediatric practice for your child is one of your important decisions to be made before delivery.  We welcome you to make a free prenatal consultation appointment to meet our staff, see our office and spend time asking our providers questions about your newborn’s care and delivery.


 How do I make an appointment?

Acute sick visits, flu vaccine and COVID vaccine appointments can be made online. Click the “Book an Appointment” link to start. For most other visits, call the office to schedule the appointment. Also, all patients who have registered with the Patient Portal in our office can log in and simply click on Appointment Request.


 What do I do to prepare for an appointment?

Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email with a link for ‘Digital Checkin’. Please click on the link and complete the forms prior to your visit. When you arrive at our office for the appointment, please click on the “I have arrived” link. These links will come to your email or your cell phone as a text message.


 Insurance Change?

If your insurance has changed, please notify us 3 business days prior to your appointment date so we can call your carrier and confirm your co-pay and deductible. Please contact our billing manager at (302) 645-8212 x104 if you have any questions about how we handle your insurance BEFORE you make (or have) your appointments.


 How do I refill my regular medications?

To get Refills all you need to do is contact your Pharmacy (local or mail order) and let them know you are running low. They will electronically send us a renewal request and we will sign it and electronically send it back to them within 3 business days. Registered patient portal users can also go to Ask a Nurse and ask for needed prescriptions. Please remember to give us the name, dosage, quantity, and number of refills needed for each medication.


 Is there an appropriate dress for visits?

Please remember that it is always helpful to be appropriately dressed for your exam. When there is a problem with your legs make sure that you wear clothing that will make it possible for your provider to easily examine your legs. The same is true for a physical or shoulder exam. If you wear glasses please bring them, we may need to do a vision exam. Infants will be naked during their exams so please bring a blanket to wrap your child while awaiting the providers.


 What else do I need to bring to each visit?

Please bring a valid ID like a driver's license and your most recent valid insurance card to every visit. If we have a contract with your insurance carrier, then we must follow the rules in the contract. This means that we are required to collect the co-pay, co-insurance and deductibles at the time of service (we take check, cash and credit card).


 What do I do if I have forms to be filled out?

If you have any forms to be completed by our providers, PLEASE check the form thoroughly and fill out and sign all parts you are supposed to. Please make the front desk and nurse aware of what you need.

Most forms will be completed at the time of the office visit but some can take up to 5 business days to complete. If forms are needed outside of a scheduled visit, there is a charge. Our front desk staff can let you know of possible charges.


 What if I am a minor (under 18)?

Children and teenagers under 18 MUST be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian or have a note written, SIGNED, and DATED by their parent or legal guardian in order to be seen. Please understand that a minor coming in accompanied by their grandparent, sibling, or aunt/uncle without the note cannot be seen.


 What do I do if I am running late for my appointment?

Please show up for your appointment on time. Please call ahead if you are going to be late for your appointment, as we will try to reschedule you for the same day. Anyone more than 15 minutes late may lose their scheduled appointment but may be seen as a "fit-in". All "fit-ins" should expect to wait before being seen. Regular scheduled appointments have priority.


 What happens if I miss my appointment?

We do require patients to give us 24 hours notice if you are not going to keep your appointment. If you miss your appointment without giving 24 hours notice and we are unable to fill your time slot, there will be a charge that must be paid BEFORE you can schedule another appointment. This charge cannot be submitted to your insurance is your responsibility. If there are any special circumstances, please contact the Office Manager at (302) 645-8212 x 106.


 Who do I contact for billing questions?

Please contact our Billing Manager at (302) 645-8212 x104 for any questions about your bill. Please remember we can only go on what information you have given us and what your insurance company says based on that information.


 How do I get a copy of your Notice of Privacy Practice?

Please check our Form section and review our NPP and make sure you understand all your rights. Please let us know if you have any questions and call our Office Manager at (302) 645-8212 x106 if needed.


 How do I get my records sent to you or from you?

To get records sent to us please print off the Records Release form in the Forms section. Please put your name and the name of the Doctor or facility you want to get the records FROM (Our name is already on there.) Don't forget to sign the paper before you send it.

In order to have your records sent to other physicians, we require your written authorization. There will be no fee for records that Beacon Pediatrics sends to other physicians or situations covered by Delaware Law.

An administrative fee will be charged for any records copied or printed and given to the patient. These records must be requested with at least four (4) weeks advance notice.

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