At Home with Coronavirus
We are in the midst of very difficult times. It is certainly inconvenient to stay home in lockdown during the current coronavirus pandemic, but please understand that it is absolutely necessary, and is the right thing to do to combat and control the spread of COVID-19. Stay home. Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds (plain soap and water is preferred). Kids frequently put their fingers in their eyes, mouth and nose, so teach them proper hand hygiene as well. If you must leave the house, wear a mask and practice social distancing. Please call the office if your child is sick and/or you have questions. We can help you decide if he/she needs to come in. We also offer Telehealth visits. We do recommend that infants continue to come in for their routine visits and immunizations.

Can kids get COVID-19?
They can, but it is much less common in children, and is usually a mild illness. It is uncommon for kids to get severely ill or be hospitalized, and very rare to end up in the ICU.

Prevent Boredom
Children need a routine. Set up a healthy and productive daily schedule and post it on the refrigerator or other visible place. Include wake time, meal and snack times, learning time, play time, exercise, and bedtime. Have the kids help set up the schedule. If you are working from home, include the adults' work time on the schedule as well. Have dinner together as a family every night: eat, talk, discuss the day. It's a good idea to have a designated spot for school/learning. Sometimes a timer can be useful to warn children that it will soon be time to transition to the next activity. Have them help with the household chores. Set expectations. Communicate.

Formula Shortage
Given supply chain issues and formula recalls, it may be getting harder and harder for you to find the formula your child needs. If you are unable to find formula at your regular supplier try these alternatives: • Pharmacies, smaller grocery stores, large convenience stores, food banks • Call your local WIC office (supplemental nutrition for women, infants, and children) • Order online (but only from reputable sources) • Call your pediatrician office to see if they have samples available • Check with other parents, through local Mom's groups or social media, to see if they have unopened formula they no longer need. Never use anything that has been opened by someone else or is expired. • Most infants are on cow's milk formula and can usually switch to a similar product without any concerns. If your pediatrician or a GI specialist suggested a specific formula for your child, please contact them before switching. Do not: • Never water down the formula. Always make as directed by the manufacturer or your pediatrician. • Do not make your own formula at home. • Do not use toddler formulas if your child is under one year of age. They do not have the same nutrients. • Do not use animal milk or plant milk (cow, goat, almond, soy, etc). Infant digestive tracts are not ready for these and they do not have the necessary nutrients. Please do not hesitate to contact your pediatrician's office with questions about how to best feed your baby. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services also offers a Formula Fact Sheet with a list of manufacturer hotlines, community resources, and more.

Fall Sports - Middle and High School
Middle school and high school fall sports start mid August to early September. Get your DIAA (Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association) form completed for the 2022-23 school year any time after April 1, 2022. If your child has had a physical in the last year, you just need to fill out the parent portion of the DIAA form and drop it off to our office for completion. It may take up to a week for this to be done. If your child has NOT had a physical in the last year, then they will need to get scheduled for a physical as soon as possible - please call the office to set that appointment up.

Flu Vaccine
Beacon Pediatrics has available quadrivalent preservative-free flu shots. To schedule your flu vaccine, please call our office 302-645-8212. All of the providers at Beacon Pediatrics, STRONGLY RECOMMEND all patients age 6 months of age and older get their flu vaccine. Getting your flu vaccine this season during the COVID-19 pandemic is especially important to help protect your child from the flu. We are especially concerned about this upcoming respiratory season and want to have our patients as protected and prepared as they can be.

Stacey Fox, MD, FAAP

I grew up in Manalapan, NJ. I graduated with honors from Wesleyan University with a BA in Neuroscience and Behavior, then, after spending two years in Boston doing pediatric psychopharmacology clinical research, I went on to attend medical school at The University of Pennsylvania, then completed Pediatrics residency at Nemours/A. I. duPont Children's Hospital in Wilmington, DE.

After residency, I joined a private general pediatrics practice north of Philadelphia for 3 years, then returned to academic medicine as an Assistant Professor at Drexel University School of Medicine and working in the Emergency Department at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, where I took care of children with acute illnesses and injuries in inner-city Philadelphia, while also teaching students and residents at the bedside. I taught Bioethics to Drexel medical students and presented lectures to students, residents, and the department on various medical topics.

After three years at St. Chris, my family and I decided we would like to find a community where we could feel at home, which we are blessed to have found here in southern Delaware. I have loved getting to know the area and wonderful people here. I am on the board of the Delaware chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and am an active member of the Medical Society of Delaware. In my spare time, I enjoy being silly with my family, exploring nature, making jewelry and other crafts, and reading science fiction/fantasy.

My professional interests include breastfeeding, neurodevelopmental disorders, and gastrointestinal disorders. I am proud to have started the Reach Out and Read program at Beacon Pediatrics, where children are given a new book at each of their well child check-ups from 6 months to 5 years of age, promoting early literacy and school success. I strongly believe in shared decision-making with my patients and their families, and in the power of educating children and their families to help them make the best choices possible for their health and future.

Undergraduate Education:
Wesleyan University, 1998

Medical Education:
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2004

General Pediatrics, A. I. duPont Hospital for Children (Nemours)/Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, 2007

Board Certifications:
Pediatrics, 2007